Frequently asked Questions about PAZO
We know you have a lot of questions about how PAZO works. We’ve been asked that before. And for your convenience, we’ve compiled quite a list for you.
PAZO is an operations management app which helps organizations in ensuring their day to day activities like that of checklists filling, complaints reporting and tracking until closure. The crux of the product is in terms of ensuring the right person doing the right work from the right location at the right time and reporting to the right person.
We put tags/checkpoints which are either NFC or QR Codes in and around the facility where people are required to go and complete a checklist or a task. Once the person goes to the point, they need to tap their phone or scan the code to receive the task at that point.
Features of checklist filing, issues/task/snags/job card assignment, beat patrolling and location tracking come as a package.
Yes, PAZO is a mobile app. There are two variants, one for the users i.e. technicians, facility staff, housekeeping staff etc. and other for the respective team managers to see the activity of their staff. We also have a web based interface for managers/admin which can be accessed through a browser.
We have taken a lot of care while designing the user interface to make it extremely simple for people to use. We currently have a large number of staff who have adopted to this system with our initial training.
Yes. We have an option of multi-site dashboard which gives you a bird's eye view of what is happening across all your sites department wise.
You need to contact the sales team to get log in credentials.
This app supports android 4.0 (and above) and iOS 9.0 (and above).
The app is very light weight it’s around 10 MB. If your phone is connected to internet then all the data are pushed to server on real time basis. Hence no extra space consumed.
Yes, the app also works without internet. All the data is stored in the background and once the device gets connected to the internet it is pushed to the cloud server. Hence no data loss happens.
Yes, PAZO does not consumes a lot of battery as a matter of fact you can track the battery usage too.
All the data is stored on our cloud server. Hence it is highly secured.
The data is stored in the cloud server so we are not limited by storage space.
Yes, you can use. To achieve this first user has to log out and second can login using his credentials.
Checklist & Scheduling
Field user gets an alert about the next checklist to be filled. User has to visit the checkpoints to tap the phone or scan the QR code. Checklist opens automatically. User can then submit the checklist.
Yes. You can create your own checklists and add relevant fields like date, time, signature, dropdown, text etc.
Sure we do. PAZO has scheduling feature which can be applied to recurring/ repeating checklist. You can create daily schedules, monthly schedule with timings for submission of checklists.
PAZO has escalation alert mechanism. Once a filing of checklist is missed it starts reflecting on dashboard. In another hour escalations are triggered and registered users starts receiving the mails.
Some of the critical elements of the checklists where status update on those scenarios must be alerted to manager are termed as flag. Once a field is marked as flag and user submits the checklist which concur the flag incident system triggers a mail to registered mail under flag category. Count is also updated on dashboard.
Issue Assignment & Delegation
Any field user can report issues and assign it to respective department and respective user.
Yes, it can be reassigned to different user or to different department.
Either the person who has raised the issue or the admin has the right to close the issue.
You can access reports on PAZO dashboard. You can also download it in excel sheet. There are also scheduled reports which are triggered from system.
Yes. You can communicate through the app in a chat format and all the communications are real time. Also they are stored on server hence making your audit trails easy.
We respect your privacy so PAZO only tracks a user when user has started the shift from his app. Logging in PAZO app won’t track the user.
Yes, PAZO uses mobile towers to track the person if device is not connected to internet. As soon as it finds internet, all the points captured in offline mode get synced.
There are locations put up across the facility. The user has to visit the location scan the QR and select mark my presence. Hence PAZO makes sure he has visited all the locations.
Yes, you can use. To achieve this first user has to log out and second can login using his credentials.
Yes. Admin/Manger has rights to add and delete users from web based interface.
Admin has rights to reset user password.
Yes, we can integrate it with existing systems too.
Sure, PAZO can do this. You can give them viewer rights only so that they can access the dashboard to view the reports only.
PAZO is a mobile app which is available on app store. Also there are no physical installation required except putting the locations points across your establishment which typically takes a day or two.
Yes, PAZO provides two days onsite training to make your staff familiar with the system.
You will be provided with an account manager who will be glad to help you either by phone/ email or in person. PAZO has got your back so sail smooth.