Checklists and Task


Automated scheduling of Store Tasks and Checklists helps in driving operational efficiency.

With Pazo`s instant notification module, get alerts as and when things are not going as planned and outline specifically how you want to run the operations.

Consistent Operations

  • Scheduled and time-sensitive checklists boost management`s confidence to run a successful shift by establishing a system of tasks and procedures for the operation.


  • Sharing notes internally from any location keeps you updated on operational activities. Also, overdue or incomplete tasks can be notified via email & notifications for better TAT.

Reward Behavior

  • Team members can be awarded based on their Checklist and Task completion scores.


  • Analyse the historical data to gauge task completion rates of Regions, Districts, Locations and even Team members.

Instant Deployment

  • Updates to fully configurable checklists and tasks can be deployed immediately and notified as per the store needs.

Explore Case Studies

Sodexo is now able to resolve inconsistencies across its store experiences, faster and more efficiently using PAZO

One important goal was to ensure the adherence of the checklists by all the departments from the right place and time from the right individuals. To achieve this goal, PAZO was made live in a record time of 2 days. It offered the key advantage of ensuring the staff gets the real-time notification to do the work from the designated positions through the help of QR codes that were strategically fixed. The feature of allowing visual proofs to be captured in real-time gave visibility for all the operations that were performed. Monitoring all the facilities pan India from a single place now became a reality.

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