Shopping Mall Management Software

Shopping Mall Management made easy by Pazo for well-planned marketing campaigns and increased customer satisfaction by saving a lot of cost for the management. Pazo Mall Management System is equipped with many functionalities like Asset Management, Employee Engagement, Customer Feedback and Helpdesk Management and reporting etc. 

 Pazo Mall Management App offers fast and scalable performance solution for real-time reporting, assigning and scheduling tasks, to generate automated consolidated reports, that makes decision making easy. From the deployment of Pazo, we ensure Cost Control, Productivity and Customer Satisfaction. 

Re-invent Mall Operations Management With Pazo. Simple, easy, & better Solution.
Dashboard screen shot
PAZO is built to manage operations schedule work shifts ensure compliance automate processes increase productivity improve efficiency
Solutions You Get From Pazo
Advanced reports every day on progress of the tasks scheduled, performance of the employees, issues raised & solved and checklists responses etc.
Complaint Management
Organize all your customer complaints in one dashboard where you can categorize, assign and resolve all these complaints with ease, with no struggle. 
Workforce Management
Manage all aspects of your employee data right from leave, attendance, manpower tracking, compliance and task approvals etc. Pazo is highly customizable and flexible to adapt your business requirements.
Helpdesk Management
Interaction with individual employee or collaborate with other teams to classify, analyse, and take the problems to closure faster and effectively.
Asset Management
Eliminate time-consuming manual tracking processes. Pazo CMMS asset management functionality, helps you track and get automated reports on all of your most critical assets.
Energy Management
Pazo is a simple solution to help your business save money through energy management, effective monitoring of the equipment regularly and more efficiently.
Features That Make Us Stand Out of The Crowd

Less Deployment Time

We’ll setup for you in minutes and there will be exclusive training on the dashboard we provide. Start tracking the work progress from day one.


Supports All Devices

Pazo retail management solution has Android, iOS Apps and PC Dashboard. Instanly assign the tasks for your employees with due date and time using pazo app.


Pazo Works Offline

Never worry about the internet breakdown. We’ll make automatic cloud sync of all your data including photos and responses when you’re back online.


Task Management

Assign tasks to your field or store employees. Get your work done in time by examining the checklists, reports and issues related to the work.


Real-Time Tracking

Get instant updates on the scheduled tasks. Track the work progress and performance of all your employees from single dashboard.


Pazo Cloud Sync

Just sign in to the pazo app from anylocation. Submit reports, checklists and responses that will automatically sync to the cloud. There is no data loss.

PAZO is built to manage operations schedule work shifts ensure compliance automate processes increase productivity improve efficiency